Do you need to finance a project ?
Personal loans: flexible funding at advantageous rates.

Personal Loans- whether you want to buy a car/motorbike and/or carry out works : we offer consumer loans at attractive and fixed rates, regardless of the length of the repayment term.


On a fixed APR, excluding promotional rates, applicable to your Personal Loan, subject to fixed payments on an AXA Banque deposit account. Deposit account and financing can be purchased separately, subject to different conditions.

Your benefits

Personal Loan from €3,000 € to €75,000 to carry out works at home (kitchen, veranda, restoration...) The APR varies depending on the project and the financed amount, regardless of the length of the repayment term, from 12 to 84 months.

As an example, a €5,00 Personal Loan(1) for a 12 month term

  • Fixed Annual Percentage Rate of Charge of 2.8% (fixed borrowing rate at 2.765 %)
  • monthly instalments of €422.93
  • total amount due: €5,075.20, excluding optional insurance(2).

If you purchase optional insurance, the total amount due for the insurance on the loan term is €42, meaning a monthly insurance cost of €3.50 to be added to the instalment at an Effective Annual Percentage Rate of Assurance of 1.58%.

A loan is a commitment and has to be repaid. Ensure that you will be able to meet the repayments before you commit.

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(1) The rate conditions are subject to fixed Personal Loan payments on an AXA Bank deposit account with a credit card. For Personal Loans, the rate conditions are also subject to taking out an AXA Multi risk Home Insurance policy. Each offer product may be taken out separately, subject to different conditions (insurance, deposit account with a bank card). Financing offer proposed by AXA Banque, available from duly empowered AXA interlocutors, subject to acceptance by the lender AXA Banque Financement. You are entitled to a legal withdrawal period. AXA Banque reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.
(2) Optional loan insurance that covers death/total and irreversible loss of independence and incapacity to work up to 65 years. No payment of any nature whatsoever shall be demanded of an individual before obtaining one or more monetary loans (Article L321-2 of the Consumer Code)