Easy currency transfers with Currencies Direct



Innovative Smartphone application

  • Account access at your fingertips
  • Activate or deactivate contactless payment
  • Amend your payment limits, effective immediately
  • Activate or deactivate your card

Included services

  • Changing Bank transfer service –transfer your direct debits and standing orders easily
  • 10% of your first monthly salary/income payment paid in to the account, capped at 250 € (4)
  • 6 Free account alerts by text per month - Unlimited account alerts by email


  • 65 euros minimum opening balance

Options available

  • Accidental death cover
  • Internet purchase protection

Other advantages

  • Free legal protection policy offered for Currencies Direct clients when you take a house insurance policy Agence AXA International (5)

(1) If you use your card to make purchases of 900 euros per quarter, the card and account are free. If not, then the quarterly cost of the account will be 15 euros for an account with a classic visa card, and 30 euros for an account with a premier visa card. See current tariff guide for card fees. (as an example, Visa classic, immediate debit 39 € per year)
(4) Cash back is calculated after 3 months on the first monthly salary paid into your account, at 10% limited to 250 euros
(5) Free Legal Protection policy offered for 12 months once we have confirmation that the Currencies Direct account is open and the house insurance contract has been signed

Oligo services

  • Interest paid on your credit balance (3)
  • Cashback on your AXA insurance premiums (2)
  • Key, card and identity papers insurance
  • 6 Free account alerts by text per month
  • 1 free stopped cheque/cheque book per year (2 for a joint account)
  • 1 free Banker's Draft per year
  • Fees for overdrawn balances waived if less than 2€ per month

(2) You benefit from an 8% cashback on AXA insurance premiums debited through the account in the first year, reducing to 4% from the second year. Most policies are included for example home, car, motorbike .... (Assurance Vie and Madelin not included)
(3) You receive interest on credit balances up to 0.25% gross per year from 1€ up to 10 000€