A provident policy which provides for financial difficulties following death, invalidity or cessation of work.

Foresight Insurance in a nutshell

  • Benefits paid to your loved ones on death.
  • A tailored education annuity which evolves over time as children grow.
  • Preferential rates for non-smokers.

Financial protection for you and your loved ones

  • On death, benefits are paid to your spouse or an education annuity is paid to your children so they can continue their studies.
  • Invalidity insurance helps you maintain your standard of living up to your retirement following an accident or illness, thanks to the payment of an annuity or benefit.
  • The daily subsistence allowance, allows you to offset any loss of your income in the event of total temporary incapacity to work following an accident or illness.

Did you know ?

Paid benefits are entitled to a favourable tax framework.

Daily support services.

  • During hospitalisation, you are entitled to a wide range of services to individuals (babysitting, housekeeping, patient care...).
  • On death, your loved ones benefit from advice and practical information on the administrative procedures, funeral arrangements, inheritance and succession, etc.

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