Worried about care if you can no longer perform everyday tasks ?
AXA Entour'Age: to protect the future of both you and your loved ones.

With AXA Entour'Age, you not only benefit from a monthly annuity following loss of independence but also assistance and support for your loved ones.

Key figures

2 out of 3 Europeans know or know of a dependent family member.
Today in France, there are over one million dependent people.
Source: Work group report "Long-term Care Demographic and Financial Outlook" in the context of the national debate on long-term care - June 2011

Entour'Age AXA in a nutshell : complete support for long-term care

Financial support in case of loss of independence

  • Life annuity in case of loss of independence.
  • The choice of 2 levels of cover for total or partial cover of long-term care.
  • Additional options : reimbursement of contributions to beneficiaries, if the insured dies before the age of 85 without requiring any long-term care; Initial Costs capital for dealing with emergencies; Capital in case of death before the age of 85

Personalised advice on taking out the policy

  • Health information to understand long-term care
  • Legal information on how to assert your rights
  • Prevention tips so you remain independent as long as possible
  • Assistance in finding institutions who can accept your family member who requires long-term care.

Support for you and your family if you require long-term care

  • Assistance with administrative procedures and formalities
  • Assistance in accessing services for individuals
  • Assistance in finding a specialised establishment
  • Psychological support for the caregiver

Entour'Age: our award-winning policy !

Our Entour'Age policy has been awarded the GAD ASSURANCE DEPENDANCE label. The aim of this label is to offer the insured cover that is more readable, more protective and accessible to the widest audience.
A jury of specialists also awarded it the 2013 Agefi Actif d'Or de L'innovation des Actifs du patriomoine [Gold Innovation Heritage Assets] prize in the Provident Category

The main criteria for this prize are :

  • the option of refunded premiums, a unique market guarantee, so that you do not "throw your money into a bottomless pit"
  • the "Initial Costs" capital
  • significant help in finding institutions

Protection adapted to your needs.

Thanks to two levels of cover, you can choose between covering only total long-term care or total and partial long-term care. When you take out a policy, you choose the annuity amount in case of total long-term care: from €500 to €3,000/month. In the event of partial long-term care, the annuity amount is equal to 50% of the chosen amount for total long-term care.


the average cost of keeping a dependant person at home is €1,800.
In case of placement in a specialised institution, the cost amounts to €3,500*.
* Health Ministry - DREES - April 2010

Many services to help you in everyday life.

Enjoy a large range of services to help you and your loved ones, to overcome the many challenges following the loss of independence.

For you :

  • assistance with arrangements
  • housing adaptation assessment
  • organising services for individuals
  • relocation assistance to a specialised institution
  • etc...

For your loved ones :

  • psychological support
  • implementation of solutions for the caregiver to take time off (home care assistant, temporary accommodation in a specialised institution, etc.)
  • You also benefit, when taking out your policy, from a telephone information service and a special offer on a remote alarm with free installation and a special rate.


On average, a caregiver spends five and a half hours per day with a dependent person.

Entour'Age options

  • Initial Costs capital : to deal with urgent expenses, you receive €3,500, even in the event of minor long-term care if you have opted for total and partial long-term care
  • An option to protect your family in the event of death before the age of 85 : depending on the choice you make when you take out your policy, your beneficiaries receive: a capital of €3,500 or a reimbursement of contributions paid since your policy began in the form of capital, in the event of death without loss of independence.
  • Straightforward formalities : In the event that you take out your policy on or before your 70th birthday and for a monthly annuity in the event of total long-term care of less or equal to €1,800, you are only required to answer one question.
  • Affordable prices : affordable prices when you take out your policy on or after your 40th birthday. A 10% discount on each policy in the event of simultaneous policies for a couple.

(1) The capital can only cover a part of the funeral expenses.
(2) The death benefit is exempt from inheritance tax provided that the amount of premiums paid after the insured reaches 70 years of age is less than €30,500. In addition, it may be subject to a specific tax (990I of the General Insurance Code) if the beneficiary's share exceeds €152,500.
(3) Depending on policy terms and conditions.