Have you already discussed your funeral with your loved ones ?
Essen'Ciel: Plan now, so you no longer have to think about it.

Essen'Ciel helps provide financial support to your family.

Did you know it ?

For 91% of the people, respecting the last wishes of the deceased is sacred.

Essen'Ciel in a nutshell : finances your funeral and support services for your loved ones

Your family receive financial support

  • A choice of cover from €1,000 to €10,000 to cover funeral expenses(1).
  • Capital appreciation of 1% per year.
  • Capital that is exempt of income tax and inheritance tax under certain conditions(2).
  • Capital paid within 48 hours of receiving supporting documentation(3).

Support services for your loved ones

  • Assistance with death related arrangements.
  • Social and psychological support.
  • Practical services so you can focus on the essential things (child care, pet care, household help).

A complete and accessible policy

  • No health questionnaire or medical selection.
  • Immediate cover following an accident (12 months in the event of an illness).
  • Cover valid throughout your life.
  • Fixed contributions calculated when you take out the policy.

AXA's partners to better guide you

  • ROC ECLERC to organise your funeral(4)

    ROC ECLERC Essen'Ciel is a bespoke service that allows you to plan for the organisation of your funeral. Benefit from a 10% discount on the service that you have chosen.
    To benefit from this service, contact ROC ECLERC :

  • Edeneo to make sure your last wishes are respected

    The Empreinte Essen'Ciel service, offered in partnership with Edeneo, is a way to record your last wishes online in a personal and secure space. A procedure which also includes closing down your digital accounts after your death (messaging services, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, blogs, etc.)
    To sign up for this service, subscribe directly online at www.edeneo.fr/empreinte.


(1) The capital can only cover a part of the funeral expenses.
(2) The death benefit is exempt from inheritance tax provided that the amount of premiums paid after the 70th birthday of the insured is less than €30,500. In addition, it may be subject to a specific tax (990I of the General Insurance Code) if the beneficiary's share exceeds €152,500
(3) Depending on policy terms and conditions.
(4) Excluding fees and costs advanced on behalf of the family, excluding marble, only in participating ROC ECLERC stores.
* Average cost for burial. Source: Roc Eclerc, AFIP, PFG, and one independent per city/town

Services available

  • You can call AXA Assistance to receive an independent opinion on your funeral service quote.
  • An information service to get quick answers: administrative and social information, steps to take, specific regulations, inheritance taxation, etc...

A complete and accessible policy

  • A policy accessible to everyone, from 50 to 85 years old inclusive.
  • Fixed contributions, calculated when you take out your policy, depending on your age and the guaranteed capital amount.
  • No medical selection.
  • Immediate cover in the event of death following an accident, or paid after 12 months in the event of a death due to illness or suicide.(1)
  • To ensure that the capital is used to pay for your funeral expenses, it will be paid to the (natural or legal) person who has paid them.
  • You can also designate the beneficiary of your choice: in this case the capital may be used for other purposes other than to pay for your funeral expenses.
  • You can change the beneficiary at any time(3)

Financing adapted to your needs

  • A death benefit of between €1,000 and €10,000(2).
  • Lifetime contributions or for a fixed, pre-set term (10, 15, 20 or 25 years).
  • The capital paid to the beneficiary is exempt from income and inheritance tax, under certain conditions(4).

A policy that adapts to specific cases

  • In the event of death more than 50 kilometres from home, either in France or abroad: coverage(5) for repatriation of the body(6), return to the home of the spouse or children.
  • In case of burial abroad: coverage(5) for the preparation and transport of the body to the airport of departure and administrative expenses.

Services for when the time comes

  • A specialised counsellor liaises with your loved ones to help them with the funeral proceedings.
  • On request, a taxi or chauffeured vehicle will assist your loved ones for any trips they need to make in relation to the death.
  • Personalised services to help your loved ones focus on the essential things: household help, child care (including grandchildren), pet care...

Services so that life goes on

  • Social support: your family will receive assistance from a social worker to help them carry out various arrangements.
  • Psychological support: spouse, children and parents/grandparents can benefit from 3 telephone consultations with psychologists, up to 6 months after the death.
  • Assistance in drafting letters.
  • Putting them in contact with a company to take care of the flowers and upkeep of the grave .

(1) In the event of death due to illness or suicide in the 12 months following the effective date, the amount of net contributions paid for fees shall be refunded to the beneficiary.
(2) The capital can only cover a part of the funeral expenses.
(3) If you have designated a natural person as beneficiary, who has accepted the policy entitlement, they are required to give their consent if you wish to change beneficiary.
(4) The capital is exempt from inheritance tax if the amount contributed after 70 years of age is less than €30,500 and if the amount paid by the insurance company is less than €152,000
(5) With a threshold of €3,600
(6) If the death has occurred during a stay abroad of less than 90 days.