Are you planning on changing your car ?
Insurance and services for changing cars

A complete pack : insurance for your new vehicle, support for the sale of your old vehicle and if you wish, a Personal Car Loan.
The Changing Vehicle Pack in a nutshell: insurance and service to help you change cars.

Exclusive cover and services for 90 days

  • Your former vehicle remains covered for 90 days under your new insurance policy
  • Benefit from the comfort of Legal Protection up to €10,000: in case of disputes, following the sale or purchase of your vehicle
  • You are protected by Fraud cover: in case of fake bank cheques. If your vehicle is insured against Theft, you are reimbursed (up to €15,000)(1)

Preferential financing solutions

Opt for a Personal Car Loan offered by AXA Banque and benefit from a preferential rate, with a 50% discount on the fixed standard APR (after acceptance by the lender AXA BANQUE Financement).

A loan is a commitment and has to be repaid. Ensure that you will be able to meet the repayments before you commit.

Benefits negotiated with our partners

  • You benefit from a 15% discount with our partner Hertz, for any vehicle rental in mainland France (excluding Corsica)
  • 15% discount on CT's at participating Autosur centres
  • €30 discount with our partner EXPERVEO on the valuation of a used vehicle for its purchase or sale.

(1) According to policy terms and conditions
(2) Annual Percentage Rate