Do you own a classic car or motorbike ?
Car or motorbike insurance for exceptional vehicles

Did you know ?

Have you already purchased Classic Car Insurance ?
You can benefit from CHEAPER CAR INSURANCE at to 20%(2)less the cost of insuring your modern vehicle

With this insurance dedicated to old cars and bikes, you protect your vehicles older than 20 years, with decreasing prices for collectors.

Thanks to this insurance, designed especially for old cars or motorcycles, you protect your vehicles that are more than 20 years in age, with volume discounts for collectors. Classic Car Insurance in a nutshell: specific cover for enthusiasts.

Depending on your policy :

  • Repairs and towing in under an hour (otherwise we reimburse you €30(1)).
  • Shipping spare parts
  • Sourcing and supply of TYRES
  • Civil Liability, Legal Aid (purchase, sale, lease, repairs)...
  • With Classic Car Insurance: you can use your classic car to go to your workplace if your modern vehicle breaks down

(1) (1) Service valid in mainland France in the event of breakdown, accident, fire, theft or attempted theft, tyre puncture, fuel error, loss, damage or theft of keys, for any holders of an AXA Car Insurance policy which includes Vehicle Warranty Assistance. Limited to 4-wheel vehicles under 3.5 tonnes, excluding quads, camper vehicles, caravans, commercial vehicles and vehicles with trailers. The "in under an hour or €30" Call-Out Guarantee refers to the time between the moment when the Support Case no. is assigned and the time when the breakdown mechanic arrives at the place where the vehicle is immobilised. It is not applicable in the event of force majeure and any event that may impede the free movement of such vehicles, including lorry and public transport strikes, flooding, black ice and snowfall, during "orange", "red" or "black" departure periods, as determined by Bison Futé, as well as in areas subject to special regulations such as motorways, expressways and ring roads.
(2) Applicable to Business Reference and Car solution rates as of 01/04/2013