40% discount and tailored insurance for your MPV/people carrier

With our Monospace Insurance, drive safely with your estate, MPV or people carrier

Monospace Car Insurance services and cover

  • 3 levels of cover: Third-party, Third-party, fire, and theft, Fully comprehensive
  • Practical services

Special offers

  • An automatic 40% discount on the insurance for your MPV, people carrier or estate vehicle
  • Thanks to our option packs, save up to 15% compared to our "à la carte" options
  • Many benefits: preferential financing, "good driver" benefits, preferential rates with our partners...

Offer benefits

  • Loan of a vehicle of the same category with the "My Mobility" pack
  • Your personal belongings (luggage) covered up to €1,000

Legal notice

  • MPV Pack: pack subject to conditions
  • Automatic 40% discount: discount applied on the standard car price, excluding options
  • Loan of a vehicle of the same category and compensation for your personal belongings: according to the terms and conditions of the policy
  • AXA is governed by the Insurance Code