Are you looking to insure your quad bike ?
AXA Quad Bike Insurance: set off of an adventure with your quad bike, buggy or side-by-side vehicle

With AXA Quad Bike Insurance, choose from 4 levels of cover with cover guaranteed to suit your needs(1).

Quad Bike Insurance essential benefits and services

  • Driver safety: you are compensated up to €15,000 in the event of personal injury even if you are at fault
  • 0km Assistance: assistance, even at your home, in case of accident, theft, tyre puncture, breakdown, fuel error, loss, damage or theft of keys
  • Legal Protection up to €10,000 (including Legal Defence and Action following an accident)
  • Compensation for your helmet up to €300 and your air bag jacket up to €500

Levels of cover and options to choose from, to customise your Quad Bike Insurance policy.

You can supplement your cover depending on the level of cover

  • The driver safety cover limit can be increased to €200,000 (instead of €15,000)
  • Compensation for your helmet up to €300 and your air bag jacket up to €500)

(1) Within the limit of the policy terms and conditions. Refer to your insurance policy for more detailed information on the covers provided. This information has no contractual value; it is not intended to meet the requirement of pre-contractual information provided for in Article L. 11-2 of the Insurance Code. In case of an accident only the insurance policy shall lay down the mutual rights and obligations of the insured and the insurer.