Are you looking to insure your boat ?
Pleasure-boating insurance, designed for enthusiasts.

Boat insurance to match your needs: sailing, motor boating, off board boating, jet ski, semi-rigid inflatable boat...sliding scale comprehensive insurance.

Pleasure-boating insurance in a nutshell : well-protected navigation

  • Public liability, defence and legal action (for amicably setting disputes)...
  • "New for old policy" for boats under 5 years old in the event of theft or destruction.
  • Excess reimbursement after two years, if there have been no claims.
  • Discounted rates depending on the use of the boat and the skipper's experience.

Your cover, our commitments, for all levels of cover

  • Our "New for old policy" reimburses the purchase price of your new boat, if it is stolen or destroyed within five years.
  • The excess is reduced by 50% after 1 year and fully refunded after two years, if there have been no claims.
  • Defence and Recovery Cost Cover, when the authorities require your boat to be sunk or destroyed.
  • A dedicated website just for you :

Levels of cover and options to choose from

  • Level 1 Cover : Public liability, defence and legal action, retirement costs
  • Level 2 Cover : Level 1 Cover + theft, fire, stranding, boating accidents, raising, rescue, towing insurance under 750kg, motor failure...
  • Key options : assistance, legal protection, payment of a capital and reimbursement of medical expenses.

Benefit from the following cover with our Pleasure-Boating Insurance, when an insured event under your policy occurs.

Level 1 Cover : cover included in the Pleasure-Boating Insurance

  • Damages caused to a third party (public liability)
  • Cover of passengers and skipper using the boat
  • Cover included for skiing and regattas (non-profit club or federation)
  • Defence and legal action for amicably settling disputes
  • Cash advance for construction expenses in case of damage
  • Recovery cost cover when the authorities require your boat to be sunk or destroyed

Level 2 Cover : "Multi risk" Pleasure-Boating Insurance

  • All cover included under Level 1 Cover
  • Theft, fire, stranding, boating accidents
  • Boat raising cover (costs of refloating the boat), aid and rescue
  • Special semi-rigid inflatable boats : towing insurance under 750kg (excluding traffic), public liability cover and cover in the event of damage or theft(2). Motor failure is also covered !

Additional Options : assistance, legal protection, compensation

  • Boat assistance and assistance to persons : cover for medical expenses abroad and/or repatriation. If the boat is immobilised, cover for hotel expenses, shipping of spare parts that are not available locally. In case of damage, call-out cover for a specialised technical to repair the boat.
  • Legal Protection : cover for costs and fees incurred. Amicable and legal support in case of a disputed in connection with your boat.
  • Boating Safety in the event of a boating accident : payment of a capital to the spouse in the event of permanent incapacity or death. Reimbursement of medical expenses (excluding social security).