AXA Home Insurance

Tailored cover to insure your home

  • "New for old" compensation for equipment and material goods
  • Modular levels of cover to suit your needs
  • Many included services

Are you an owner or a tenant ?
With AXA's Home Insurance, your home is covered in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, glass breakage, etc.

Home insurance cover

Tenant Tenant/Owner Tenant/Owner
Main cover
(Fire, water damage, climatic events, natural disasters, attacks, theft and vandalism, glass breakage, personal liability)
Theft and vandalism Additional option

Compensation for your equipment

Depreciated value "New for old" policy for household appliances, image and sound equipment under 5 years old "New for old" policy for household appliances, image and sound equipment, and material goods, no age limit

Household compensation threshold

+ + + + + +

Emergency assistance

Assistance to travellers

Legal Protection

- Additional option

Electrical damage

- Additional option

Did you know ?

If you already have AXA Home Insurance, your old home is covered during your move to your new home, for a 3 month period.

Home Insurance cover

Fire Covers damage due to fire or similar events, including lighting strikes and smoke...
Water damage Covers damage due to leaks or ruptures, including non-buried pipes, water-equipped appliances (bathtub, hot water tank...) from a neighbour etc.

Theft and vandalism

(additional option on the tenant form)

Compensates theft inside your buildings, covers damage caused by vandalism and attempted theft.
Natural disasters Covers damage due to flooding, mud slides, earthquakes etc. Claims can only be made after publication of a ministerial order in the Official Journal of the French Republic.
Climatic events Covers damage due to storms, hail, snow on the roof, flooding...
Technological disasters Covers damage following accidents cause by a technical or human failure of a factory, warehouse, construction site etc. Claims can only be made after publication of a ministerial order in the Official Journal of the French Republic.
Glass breakage Covers damage due to glass breakage of windows, doors, bay windows...
Attacks and acts of terrorism Fire or an explosion resulting from an attack, sabotage or acts of terrorism in France.
Travel cover Cover that only applies during your stay and travel, in case of fire, water damage, natural disasters, climatic events, attacks and acts of terrorism, theft and covers your belongings stored in temporary living quarters that do not belong to you (hotels, holiday homes...)
Personal liability Coverage for damages that you or others may cause to a third-party, due to recklessness or negligence. It also applies to damage caused by your pets or insured real and personal property.

Included services

Moving services

  • Exclusive benefits and services : negotiated rates with removalists or removal vehicle rental companies, legal assistance.
  • Negotiated rates with our partners on the purchase of boxes and reservations for a furniture storage unit.
  • Up to 25% discount on household appliances, imaging, sound and I.T equipment for your new home.
  • Extension of your public liability to cover people who help you move.
  • Breakdown assistance for vehicles used for moving purposes.
  • Access to our AXA network of qualified professionals if you plan to carry out work in your new home.

Did you know ?

If you already have AXA Home Insurance, your old home is covered during your move to your new home, for a 3 month period.

You benefit from a 15% discount with our partner Hertz, for the rental of any utility vehicles in mainland France (excluding Corsica).

Home help assistance

If you need to leave your home following a major disaster, our helpline is available 24/7 and will help you with

  • reserving and covering hotel costs for the first 7 days
  • finding temporary accommodation, and organising your transport
  • taking care of your pets
  • if necessary, providing you with a night watchman for 3 consecutive days to protect your furniture then transferring it to a furniture storage unit
  • organising and covering your repatriation if you are travelling

Assistance to travellers

Assistance is offered to people in case of unexpected illness or injury whilst travelling in France or abroad. This cover includes the following services :

  • medical repatriation
  • dispatch of a doctor on site, sending medicine
  • cash advance of medical expenses abroad
  • reimbursement of ski slope medical expenses
  • repatriation of the body in case of death
  • the return of other family members
  • accompanying children under 16 years of age
  • legal assistance abroad (cash advance and bail)

Summary of the options and packs available. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the full cover and exclusions

The home insurance options

Extended cover for damage to electrical items and loss of goods in case of freezer breakdown

  • Damage to electrical items less than 10 years old due to a surge in electricity due to lightening or electrical malfunction
  • Fire, explosion or implosion of the device itself
  • The deterioration of foods for family consumption contained in the freezer and/or refrigerator, resulting in a change in temperature due to an accidental shutdown in operation, including accidental interruption in the current supply by EDF or other supplier

Extended cover for glass breakage

  • Broken glass parts in furniture (coffee tables, mirrors, oven doors, etc...)
  • Breakage of plumbing fixtures (sinks, bathtubs, toilets, etc...)

New for old extended

  • Replacement as new with no age limit for all personal property covered by this contract (excluding valuables) located inside the home

Theft with aggression

  • Theft by aggression of property carried outside the home, including cash and the cost of replacing identity documents
  • Medical costs resulting from the attack

Legal assistance

  • Legal assistance and information by telephone
  • Help when signing a contract

Luggage worldwide

  • Cover your personal belongings including identity papers against theft and damage when you are on holiday

Camping equipment

  • up to 2 000 euros
  • covers your tent and equipment, personal belongings when you are on an official campsite
  • Insured events - Fire, explosion, lightening, flooding, hailstones, natural catastrophe

Wine Cellars and cellar cabinets

  • Covers wine, alcohol and spirits plus equipment – bottling, corks and labels
  • Insured events – fire, escape of water, frost, natural catastrophe, theft, vandalism, accidental loss of liquids in case of rupture or cracking of barrels or casks (breakage of bottles is not covered), electrical damage for cellar cabinets

Leisure equipment

  • Insured events – theft, damage or destruction
  • Sound and image equipment – camera, camcorder, portable tv, radio, portable DVD players (excluding laptops, mobile phones, tablets, computers)
  • Musical instruments
  • The weapon hunting
  • Leisure equipment – rackets, skis, golfing equipment

The home insurance packs


Equipment less than 5 years old with a value higher than 30 €

  • Accidential damage, oxidation, theft with aggression, pick pocket, robbery,
  • Fraudulent communication carried out with your stolen telephone.
  • Telephonic equipment (mobile, smartphone etc with a SIM), image and video equipment, informatique (laptop, tablet, netbook etc), portable game consols, natigation equipment, electronic book reader, etc)

Breakdown and repair - Dépannage

  • Breakdown assistance for electrical equipment up to 5 years old, including telephone diagnosis, repair costs, replacement for irreparable goods, loan equipment

New for old - Com'Neuf (combines the options extended cover for electrical items, glass breakage and new for old extended)

  • Value as new for goods less than 10 years old (except valuables) for sound and image equipment, computer software, household electrical appliances and furniture
  • Accidental breakage of audio-visual and computer software less than 2 years old

Extended swimming pool pack

  • Fire and similar events, climatic events, natural catastrophe and acts of terrorism for in-ground and semi in-ground pools
  • Glass domes and pool covers
  • Theft of heating equipment for the pool water
  • Vandalism

Renewable energy

  • Heat pumps, heating, cooling and ventilation fittings, solar and photovoltaic panels, wind turbines

Garden pack

  • Awnings (fixed to the wall), greenhouse, trees and shrubs, tennis court, garden furniture, barbeque, garden shelters, integrated automatic watering system, above ground swimming pool/Jacuzzi, electrical gardening equipment, lawn mowers and tillers less than 30cv
  • Insured events – Fire and similar events, glass breakage, climatic events, theft and vandalism, natural disasters, technological disasters, attacks and acts of terrorism


Help from an approved service provider in case of breakdown or normal functioning of gas, electricity and plumbing installation

  • Intervention in case of leakage or failure of gas and electricity inside your home
  • Intervention in case of a leak to your water supply, heating system or water drainage system inside your home
  • Water leak or blocked drains outside your home (individual houses only). Includes guarantee 'loss of water' up to 2 000 euros