Are you looking to insure your scooter ?
AXA Scooter Insurance: a tailored policy and personalised rate based on your profile

With AXA Scooter Insurance, choose your cover and get up to 25% off by insuring both your car and scooter.

Did you know ?

By insuring your scooter and vehicle, get up to 25% off both policies, and up to 30% if you own a vehicle and 2 motorbikes !(1)

AXA Scooter Insurance in a nutshell: complete insurance at an affordable price(2), strong cover and services

  • Four levels of cover to choose from with essential cover starting at Level 1
  • Driver Safety Cover up to €15,000
  • Driver Death Cover up to €2,000
  • Up to €300 compensation for the driver's helmet and €500 for the airbag jacket
  • 0 km Breakdown Cover Assistance, even at your home, in the event of a breakdown, accident, tyre puncture, fuel error, loss, breakage or loss of keys

The benefits of AXA

We do our best to provide breakdown assistance in under an hour, otherwise you receive €30 in compensation(3).

Options to personalise your policy

Driver Safety extended to €200,000.

The benefits of AXA

If you were wearing your airbag jacket at the time of the accident, this limit is raised to €400,000.

A courtesy vehicle for 8 days in the event of an accident and for 30 days in the event of theft if you take out Level 4 Cover.

Are you looking to purchase a scooter ?
Benefit from AXA Banque financing at a preferential rate and as new cover for the duration of your loan(4).


(1) Offer subject to conditions
(2) Within the limits of the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Refer to the insurance policy for more detailed information on the cover. This information does not have any contractual value: it is not intended to meet the requirements of the pre-contractual information provided for in Article L.112-2 of the Insurance Code. In the event of a claim, only the insurance policy shall lay down the mutual rights and obligations of the insured and the insurer.
(3) Valid service in mainland France in the event of breakdown, accident, fire, theft or attempted theft, tyre puncture, fuel error, loss, breakage or theft of keys, for any holder of an AXA two-vehicle insurance policy. It is limited to 123m3 vehicles and higher. The "Under an hour or 30€" Call-Out Guarantee refers to the time between the moment when the Support Case no. is assigned and the time when the breakdown mechanic arrives at the place where the vehicle is immobilised. It is not applicable in the event of force majeure and any event that may impede the free movement of such vehicles, including lorry and public transport strikes, flooding, black ice and snowfall, during "orange", "red" or "black" departure periods, as determined by Bison Futé, as well as in areas subject to special regulations such as motorways, expressways and ring roads.
(4) For any application of a Personal Loan, after acceptation by AXA Banque Financement and "All Risk" AXA Motorbike Insurance, New for Old Policy for a maximum of 60 months. New for Old Policy offered: reimbursement of a vehicle at its purchase value throughout the duration of the loan (maximum 60 months) for any financed new or used vehicle under 12 months following the first registration.
In accordance with the terms and conditions of the AXA insurance policy.
Offer available from duly authorised AXA representatives and network of brokers.
Financing subject to acceptation by AXA Banque Financement, the lender, after agreement and expiration of the legal withdrawal period.
"No payments of any kind can be demanded of an individual before obtaining one or more monetary loans" (Article L321-2 of the Consumer Code).
Insurance and financing may be taken out separately under different conditions.