Are you looking to prepare a long-term project ?
Prepare for the future and value your savings.

The most popular investment in France ? Always the Assurance Vie

Assurance Vie, your means to save, transfer your capital on death, prepare for a project or have additional income...

Assurance Vie in a nutshell : save within a favourable tax framework

  • Save easily : either a lump sum or through regular or flexible payments.
  • Benefit from a favourable tax framework.
  • Receive your savings in the form of a life annuity or capital

Depending on your investment profile

  • You can choose from secure funds (in euros) or unit-linked life insurance policies (invested in financial markets).
  • You actively manage your savings with innovative services (securitisation of performance, progressive market investments).
  • Our Management Agreements ensure you benefit from potential financial market opportunities.

The essential

Your cover, our commitments: flexibility and reliability

  • Choose when and how you save: tailor-made, depending on your risk sensitivity, or even on your age and the duration of your project.
  • Choose your type of policy management: "turnkey" management, with agreements, adaptive management to gradually secure your savings or personal management for autonomous control.
  • Benefit from a Floor Guarantee: included in most policies: in the event of death before the age of 70, you pass down a minimum capital equal to your payments (net of any buy backs).
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Options to enhance or protect your savings

Depending on your policy (1), you benefit from options that allow you to enhance or protect your savings

  • Accidental Death Cover: your named beneficiary(ies) will inherit, as a minimum, your first payment plus 6% per year for 10 years.
  • Increased guarantie or increased dependency cover: on death, your named beneficiary(ies) will inherit from 110% to 150% of your payments. In case of total dependency before the age of 80, you can pass down to your beneficiary(ies) up to 160%
  • Click Cover: in the event of death before the age of 80, you pass down to your beneficiary(ies) the highest value of your savings since the beginning of our policy
  • Upgraded Cover: in the event of death before the age of 80, you pass down to your beneficiary(ies), as a minimum, your revalued net payments at the Livret A rate.

(1) Options are not available for all policies

Taxation in force as of 01/07/2011

Throughout the duration of your policy

  • On the condition that no buy back has been made, the (interest and capital gains) products are completely exempt from income tax during the term of your policy. On the other hand, if you are subject to wealth tax (ISF) each year, you are required to declare the buy back value of your policy on 1 January.
  • All projects purchased under the policy are subject to social levies. Savings-related products invested under your policy in euro funds are subject to social levies as and when they are registered.

Partial or total buy back of your savings

  • When the buy back occurs if the policy has been in place for less than 8 years. The portion corresponding to the products is subject to progressive income tax, or optionally, an income tax standard-rate deduction :
    > 35 %(1) for a buy back made before 4 years
    > 15 %(1) for a buy back made between 4 and 8 years
  • When the buy back is made when the policy has a duration equal to or longer than 8 years, only the portion corresponding to products (2) that exceeds the annual allowance of €9,200 for a married couple subject to a joint declaration or €4,600 for a single person, is subject to progressive income tax, or optionally, a income tax standard-rate deduction of 7.5% (1)
  • When there is a partial or total buy back of the policy, the social levy amount owed for all products included under the buy back or outcome is calculated. An adjustment will be made by the insurer where appropriate in the form of either an additional levy on the portion of products that have not already been subject to these social levies, or a refund in the event of an excess in levies. The social levy rate is 15.5%

An annuity yield to supplement your income

  • At the end of your policy, depending on the conditions prevailing at the time of your request, you can opt for the payment of your savings in the form of a life annuity, a portion of the annuity amount being taxed by incorporation in the tax return. This portion is determined on a definite flat-rate basis depending on the age of the annuitant when he draws his pension. The social levies (15.5%) are made on the taxable portion of the annuity.
Age at the time at the time of the annuity yield request % of the annuity subject to income tax
Before 49 years of age, inclusive 70
Between 50 and 59 years of age 50
Between 60 and 69 years of age 40
From 70 years of age 30

Passing down capital on death

On death, the capital shall be passed down to any beneficiaries you have designated, under the following conditions

  • The capital is fully exempt when the beneficiary is the spouse of the insured or a partner under a civil solidarity pact (PACS), or, under certain conditions, a brother or sister.
  • For the other beneficiaries, the passed down capital is subject to the rights provided for under Article 757 B of the General Tax Code (application of inheritance tax on payments made by the policyholder after the 70th birthday of the insured, after an allowance of €30,500 per insured and of all the life insurance policies) and/or the taxes provided for under Article 990 I of the General Tax Code (application of the fixed levy of 20% on the savings corresponding to the payments made by the policyholder before the 70th birthday of the insured, after an overall allowance of €153,500 per beneficiary).
  • As with the buy back of your savings, an adjustment of the social levies shall be made by the insurer.

(1) Excluding social charges.
(2) Products (interest and capital gains) earned on all assurance vie policies held by the insured.

Legal Notice

  • AXA France Vie, a limited liability company with a capital of €487,725,073.50 - RCS Nanterre 310 499 959 Intra-community VAT no. FR 62 310 499 959
  • AXA Assurances Vie Mutuelle, a life mutual insurance company where contributions are fixed. Siren 353 457 245 Intra-community VAT no. FR 48 353 457 245.
  • Company governed by the Insurance Code.
  • The registered offices of the aforementioned companies are located at 313 Terrasses de l'Arche, 92727 Nanterre cedex

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