Are you preparing for your retirement ?
Save during your working life to fully enjoy your retirement.

Enjoy your retirement with additional income cover for life.

Evaluate your retirement - Retirement protection: PERP in a nutshell

Why save now for my retirement ?
When you retire, certain expenses cannot be reduced. And yet, your income decreases. PERP allows you to build additional income for life to fully enjoy your retirement.

Enjoy a steady income during your retirement

With AXA's PERP Retirement Protection, save at your own pace. Depending on your budget, your payments are either fixed or flexible(1). Once retired, your savings guarantee you a life annuity to supplement your income from the general pension system.

Make tax savings through tax deductions on paid contributions.

Thanks to PERP, you can deduct the amounts paid under your PERP from your taxable income and therefore save up to 45% on your payments in 2013.

Arrange for a part of your savings to be at your disposal when you retire

Your PERP is designed to guarantee you a life annuity during your retirement. When your PERP is released upon your retirement, arrange for part(2)of your savings to be at your disposal. The beneficiary clause and life annuity payment options means you can protect your loved ones in the event of death.

Your benefits, our commitments

During your working life

  • save according to your budget through fixed or flexible payments(1).
  • Benefit from a preferential tax framework: your payments are deductible(2)from your taxable income.
  • Choose between 2 types of scalable management: Réguléo Immo and Réguléo Horizon.

Release your savings, if you wish, in the event of the following setbacks

  • 2nd or 3rd class invalidity.
  • Cessation of self-employment following a court-ordered bankruptcy ruling.
  • End of the period of unemployment insurance benefits provided by the Labour Code in case of dismissal.
  • Death of a spouse or partner under a PACS.
  • Debt status of the insured, at the request of a competent judge or president of the debt commission.

In the event of death

  • a life annuity is paid to the designated beneficiaries.
  • if one of the beneficiaries is under-age, they receive an education annuity until reaching 25 years of age.

Investing your savings

The initial allocation of your investment is defined depending on how long you wish to save. According to current regulations, the closer you get to retirement, the more your savings are secure. The initial savings invested in unit-linked assurance vie policies are focussed on euro funds as you get closer to retiring. Two years before you retire, your savings are placed in euro funds at 90%. Two types of scalable management are offered: Réguléo Immo and Réguléo Horizon. You can change the type of management at any time.

Zoom in on Réguléo Immo

Réguléo Immo allows you to invest in real estate by other means. Your savings are split between euro funds and 4 unit-linked assurance vie policies(3). In these 4 policies, 2 are invested in real estate, namely the OPCI AXA Selectiv' Immo(4).

Zoom in on Réguléo Horizon

With Réguléo Horizon your savings are split between between euro funds and 3 unit-linked assurance vie policies(3). They offer "flexible" financial management to get the most out of market performance opportunities.

Upon retirement

Enjoy a lifetime annuity and partial capital gain for your projects. If you have opted for survivor annuity, in the event of death, your designated loved ones benefit from a total or partial lifetime payment based on the chosen reversion rate (60% or 100%).

Answers to your questions

Why save now for my retirement ?
Fully enjoying your retirement means maintaining a comfortable income. At 67, the average life expectancy is 22 years for men and 25 years for women. On average, the retirement pension is equal to 50% of you final salary. PERP is designed to partially compensate for this loss of income based on the savings you put into it.

How can I save up to 45%(5) in tax savings in 2013 on my PERP payments ?
Every year, deduct your payments from your overall net income within a certain limit. It is set depending on your income from the previous year. In 2013 the deductible savings threshold is €29,098(2). The maximum deductible amount is indicated on your tax notice under the "retirement savings threshold" line. It shows the unused amounts of the previous 3 years.

Examples of deductible amounts depending on your net professional income

Your annual net income Amounts deductible from your taxes(6)
€40,000 €3,637
€60,000 €5,400
€80,000 €7,200
€100,000 €9,000

If you are a couple and submit a joint tax declaration, one or the other may benefit from all or part of his/her spouse's unused threshold.

What is an annuity ?
An annuity is a means of ensuring that you have income for life once retired. AXA's PERP offers 3 types of annuity. Life annuity: additional income paid for life. Guaranteed annuity: guarantee of receiving a fixed amount over a specified duration (from 5 to 20 years) for you or the person of your choice in the event of death. Beyond this period, you receive your life annuity. Increased or decreased life annuity: life annuity and a choice of modulated amounts for the first few years depending on your retirement needs.

How can I have capital at my disposal when I retire ? You can decide, when releasing your PERP, to benefit from all or part of the invested savings: Up to 20% without conditions, to finance your chosen projects: renovation work, taxes, financing your children's education...Up to 100% for the acquisition of your principal residence if you access property.


(1) Depending on policy terms and conditions.
(2) Within the limits permitted by the law.
(3) The amounts invested in unit-linked assurance vie policies are not guaranteed but subject to upward or downward fluctuations, namely the financial markets. Past performances do not guarantee any future performances.
(4) Axa Selectiv' Immo is a real estate investment scheme ("OPCI") primarily invested in real estate (up to 60%), namely in retail assets (office, trade) as well as real estate-linked diversified stock and bond portfolios.
(5) According to the income tax rate published on 01/08/2012.
(6) Individual global tax package for a year = maximum 10% of your reference professional activity and 10% of PASS (Social Security Threshold), the reference income being equal to the net income less professional expenses (max. 10%) and retained within the limits of 8 PASS from the previous year; PASS of 2012 = €36,372. In this package, you need to deduct the sums paid, if any, on PERCO (Group Retirement Savings Plan), in relation to salary contributions or payments corresponding to unused days of leave, any deductible retirement contributions paid in the "Madelin" tax system (excluding additional packages), or Article 83 or COREVA. The unused outstanding amounts of the package under the previous 3 years are to be added to the deduction threshold. Common PERP threshold and related products (PERE, PREFON, COREM and CGOS).